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In this blog, I’m gonna tell you how I made my Video Resume.

First and foremost, we should know what a video resume is.

A video resume is a 1–2 minutes video where you tell the potential employer about yourself by introducing yourself, giving your 30-second elevator speech, talking about or showcasing your skills and experience, and inviting the viewer to contact you.

So these are the steps I did to create my video resume.

  1. The first thing I did was to look for example video resumes on YouTube. It is where you can find many examples and you can get ideas or tricks on how you will do your video resume.
  2. I created a script for my video resume. I started by introducing myself, then telling about my academic background, then my skills, projects I’ve created, software I used to create those project, I describe my personality, then I mention that I’m looking for a company or a job, and the last thing I did is I mention where they can reach me or contact me.
  3. After creating the script I rehearsed it and memorize it so it won’t sound and look like its scripted or that I’m reading it.
  4. The next thing I did is record it on Cam. I used a video camera for my video resume but you can also use your phone just as long as its a good quality and the audio record is also good quality. You can check your footage and decide if you want to reshoot it or not.
  5. Edit your videos. I’ve used iMovie on editing my video resume. I also used powerpoint for some parts. I search and downloaded icons and music I will use for the projects.
  6. After editing, I watched the final edit and showed it to someone about their opinion and if I will need to re-edit the video.
  7. After all of the edits and reviewing, I posted the video on youtube. I also placed the video link in my job applications and my accounts on every freelance job search platform.

So that’s how I made my video resume. Thank you!

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